Forms & Documents

FORM_Cash Box Request.docx

Cash Box Request form must be submitted by your Treasurer.  Please submit requests 2-3 weeks before your event.

FILLIN FORM_Deposit Request (1).pdf

Deposit Request form must be filled out and proceeds verified the day of your event.  Contact the Parent Club Treasurers at:  prior to your fundraiser to make arrangements for depositing your proceeds.  

ct_nrp_1 raffle form.pdf

Are you holding a raffle?  The IRS requires reporting of all raffle outcomes.  In addition, at least 90 percent of gross receipts from the raffle tickets sales must be used for the charitable organization.  Find more information at: 

Contact us at: to report your raffle results.   We will file your raffle earnings. 


Need a non-profit Tax ID for your fundraising?  Fill out this Request to use the Parent Club Tax ID form and contact the at: